Mechanical Workshop

Lathe Machines

  • One Machine Heavy Duty “SWIFT” England, Bed Length: 28 Feet
  • Two Machines “Dean Smith” England Bed Length 16 Feet
  • Two Machines “Dean Smith” England Bed Length 12 Feet
  • One Machines “Dean Smith” England Bed Length 06 Feet
  • One Machine Short Bed wheel Lath, Up to Dia 12 feet, Length 3 feet

Drill Machines

  • One Radial Drill Machine, arm Length 4 feet, Drill from 25mm to 100mm can drill in center of 10 feet Dia sheet
  • One Drill Machine Made of England Drill from 10mm to 50mm
  • One Drill machine made of England Drill from 1mm to 15mm

Welding Machines

  • One Rotary Machine Made of England with 600amp DC
  • Two Philips machines with 300amp DC
  • Three Millar Machines with 500amp AC/DC
  • One Argon Welding Made of Germany with 300amp DC/AC
  • One Argon Welding Made of Germany with 150amp DC/AC

Shaper Machine

  • One Machine Made of MAJOR England with Working 30inch

Milling Machines

  • One Machine “CINCINNATI” 2 Number with table 03 Feet
  • One Machine Vertical “Bridgeport” with table 2.5 Feet

Computerized Dynamic Balancing Machine

  • One SCHENCK Germany Computerized
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Machine with capacity up to 4 tons
  • Overhead Crane with capacity of 15 tons

Hydraulic Press & Sheet Rolling Machines

  • One Hydraulic Heavy Duty Horizontal Press up to 1200 Tons
  • One Vertical Press up to 350 Tons
  • One Hydraulic Sheet Rolling Machine with capacity of rolling 5mm to 32mm, Length 98”

Measurement Tools

  • Vernier Calipers: 01 mm to 1 meter
  • Inside Micrometers: 25mm to 300mm
  • Outside Micrometer: 01mm to 600mm
  • Radius Measurement Gauges
  • Dial Indicators
  • Thread-o-lights
  • Temperature Measurement Guns
  • Noise Checking Stethoscopes